Police Misconduct

California law enforcement officials have a civic duty to “defend and protect.” Sometimes, however, they overstep the boundaries placed on them by the law, and trample on your civil rights. When this happens, you may find yourself fighting an uphill battle to get justice, but a qualified lawyer can make that battle easier. The Law Office of Troy P. Owens, Jr., is here to help you ensure that your rights are protected as you deal with the realities of police misconduct.

The Law Protects Your Rights

The first step in protect yourself from police misconduct is understanding your rights. The United States Constitution gives everyone certain rights, even when dealing with the police. These include:

  • Protection against illegal searches and seizures
  • Protection against police brutality
  • Protection against wrongful conviction and unlawful arrest
  • Protection against retaliation when using your first amendment right to free speech
  • Protection from discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin

If you believe that the police have violated one of these civil rights, you need to speak with attorney Troy P. Owens, Jr., right away, because time is of the essence when moving forward with a police misconduct case.

Protect your Rights with a Skilled San Diego Police Misconduct Lawyer

When dealing with the police, it is easy to feel intimidated, but remember that you have rights protected by the Constitution. If you feel that those rights have been violated, or if you suspect there is a chance they have been violated, then you need the help of a skilled lawyer who has experience dealing with police misconduct cases.

Troy P. Owens, Jr., offers experienced counseling, passionate advocacy and aggressive representation to clients in the greater San Diego area. He works tirelessly for his clients, ensuring that they not only understand what to expect from the process, but also have an advocate on their side fighting for their rights. He will help you avoid giving in to the temptation to feel intimidated, reminding you of your rights and the steps to take to protect those rights.

If you suspect you have been the victim of police misconduct, contact Troy P. Owens, Jr., for a free consultation to discuss your situation. With his help, you can get the justice you deserve.

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